Making my dvd playable in Great Britain

I have a liteon 5005 and I want to send a home movie converted to dvd to a relative in Great Britain.

Can I do it with this burner?

Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:

There’s another LiteOn forum for users in the UK. (Hope nobody minds me mentioning their boards.)

Try this thread-

Touches on the very sort of thing you’re talking about.

Not sure how much help it’ll be, but you could always just ask them. They’re far more up on the subject than I am (despite effort on my part…LOL!).

Before you try doing any conversions, I would recommend getting in contact with your relative in Britain to see how old their TV and DVD player are. The majority of European TVs in the past 10 years (especially those since 2000) are PAL60 compatible. Most European DVD players support NTSC (don’t confuse this with regioning) and will either output a PAL60 (or sometimes a standard PAL50) signal when playing an NTSC disc.

In the worst case, they can still view your home-made DVD on their PC (assuming they have one). As DVD recorders do not put a region code on recordable discs, your relative’s DVD player does not have to be region free to play your disc. :wink: