Making multiple copies



Have been using Platinum for a month with no problems. Just tried to make more than one copy of my movie but after the first copy, DVDFab overwrites the files again and goes through the full process.

I am a newbie so I am sure I have missed something with this great program…How can I make several copies without starting all over for each copy? And how can I make several copies at a later time from the existing video files? Thanks…


Hello, Ponder.
As a fellow newbie, I noticed at the bottom right hand corner of the screen, you are offered the option of " burning again ", which has worked all right with me after the first copy.
Hopefully this will solve your problem. Sey’all later, then. :o


Hi Metallica Boy.

Thanks for info…I guess I just never noticed the “Burn Again” choice and probably got focused on “Finalize”. How would burning work if I wanted to burn a week or two later from the Video files on my HD? Thanks…


You have option to save contents until you click [B]Finish[/B], which deletes the temporary files.



Hi Bigmacnc & Metallica Boy

Just tried it and it works as you suggest…Thanks very much for helping me.