Making Multiple Copies of Multisession Cd's?

I am new to this forum. Looks great in here. I have a problem in making multiple copies of multisession cd’s. If i use clone cd to replicate a multisession disc which was created using nero then clone cd automatically finalizes the cd. Dont know why this happens? Is there any cd copying software which can do this? Please help.

Thanks in advance.

I think you could use nero, CD to CD copy, and make sure the option “Finalise Disk” is NOT ticked.

see how you go.

The Finalize option in nero is ticked and greyed out.


Disc to disc copying operations normally end by closing the disc.

What are you trying to do, copy a multisession disc that has not been closed?


I’m not sure why anyone would want to do this type of duplication, and whether it is feasible.

A normal disc to disc copy will not accomplish your goal because the disc is always closed. It is closed because otherwise it can’t be read in anything but a burner. Disc to disc copying programs are designed to produce copies that are readable everywhere, not just in burners.

So what i am trying to accomplish is not possible?

Maybe if you explained why you are trying to copy unfinalized multisession discs we could try to help you find a solution.

At my workplace we are distributing cd’s to our clients who should be able to update the database on the cd regularly. So if we give the cd’s to be multisessioned then they can overwrite the database themselves using nero.

I’m not a fan of multisession discs. You may be interested in reading When should multisession recording be used?.

You could experiment trying to make unfinalized RAW copies in CloneCD or DiscJuggler. DiscJuggler has more manual settings than most burning programs and has broad capability in copying.

Failing that (of course as a last resort) you could continue to create unfinalized multisession discs one at a time using your hard drive as the source. It shouldn’t take too much longer than a disc to disc copy.

I am following the final option already. But since i have 700+ cd’s to be written i think it would take me days to finish this.:confused:

Forgive me if I see this as a ill-conceived project :wink:

Copying 700 discs is commercial scale copying, and should be carefully planned on the front end before trying to figure out after the fact how to do a questionable and unorthodox operation with standard one-off copying tools. Are you planning on buying hundreds of copies of Nero for your custormers? :confused: Sorry, had to get that out. :wink:

I would suggest that you contact Padus Inc. (DiscJuggler) and get their advice and recommendations regarding reproduction to your requirements. It’s also clear that you need a duplicator to enable mass simultaneous copying. Padus specializes in commercial mass reproduction of CDR’s, so they should be able to recommend suitable duplicators for your requirements.

In any event, Padus should be able to steer you in the right direction.

Unfortunatly, I think you are in a bad place here, If I understand you right, You need to have the Client you send the CD based database to be able to update it.

Question is, Are they going to send it back to you? or is it not an option for them to copy it locally and work with it?

If they are sending it back to you, Packet writing might be the way to go (not going to be a quick process), and they will need the same packet writing software.

Good luck this is a tough one to crack considering the numbers 700+ :Z

Copy the disc in CloneCD using TAO or SAO if supported by the writer - I think SAO will work as sessions are merely tracks and overcomes the 99 track limit. Now you can uncheck the Close Last Session box. Anything written in DAO is automatically closed by CloneCD which is why checking/unchecking the box does not matter :wink:

This method will work with any replication software.

I will try that TAO and SAO modes and keep you posted. Thanks.
BTY the cd’s are not going to be returned by the clients. But they need to update the database on the cd’s.

Originally posted by FutureProof
Copy the disc in CloneCD using TAO or SAO if supported by the writer - I think SAO will work as sessions are merely tracks and overcomes the 99 track limit.

Sessions are not tracks. Tracks are a subset of a session. Sessions do not overcome the 99 audio track limit. Only audio tracks in the first session are playable on CD players. Multiple sessions containing audio tracks are not playable. The 99 track limit may be dealt with by subdividing some tracks into different index limits.

SAO as used by CloneCD is a form of RAW writing, using the full 2,352 bytes per sector to write data in a format emulating an audio recording so that no error correction is performed.

“Real” or traditional SAO witing is the multisession format used by CD-Extra, where the first session is audio followed by a data session.

FutureProof is right.

Using TAO or SAO & unchecking Close last session should work.