Making Multiple Conversion Jobs

is there anyway i can get convertxtodvd to do consecutive conversions into a dvd without me have to add more video files and convert again? (so i can leave it over night and have all my dvds done)

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“C:\PATH-TO-CONVERTXTODVD\ConvertXtoDvd.exe” C:\111\project1.xToDVD /auto=true /close"

“C:\PATH-TO-CONVERTXTODVD\ConvertXtoDvd.exe” C:\111\project2.xToDVD /auto=true /close"

“C:\PATH-TO-CONVERTXTODVD\ConvertXtoDvd.exe” C:\111\project3.xToDVD /auto=true /close"

Of course, [B]every projects has to be prepared in advance[/B].

And it you want the defaults, yes you can use “[B]/file[/B]” or [B]/fl: filelist.txt[/B]



This will convert both of those files in 1 project (Outputs)…

But there will be no menu etc… this is why I prefer to prepare a Project and save it !

Here is how to batch convert several different DVD one by one.

i have no idea what that means. so theres no simnple way about it?