Making mp3's into audio cd

Just got Nero and wanted to know the steps involved to burn mp3’s into an audio cd (wav files). Thanks.

I wouldn’t use it for that. I’d get Burrrn (, which is free & use that. Burn your CDs at 16x/24x max.

So Burrrrn can convert mp3’s into wav files and burn without any gaps between tracks?

Burrrn will take a range of input formats & burn an Audio CD, conversion is on the fly.

I don’t see any settings regarding track gaps & I can’t recall whether the CDs I’ve burned with it have gaps or not.

I have never heard of Burrrn before. I don’t do many mp3’s to CD but I will have to try
it out.

Thanks TimC

Burrrn is a good program but if jmrock already has Nero than he doesn’t really need Burrrn. I have Nero and have burned tons of Audio cds from Mp3 files with it. And the quality of the audio CDs is Excellent, no skipping or anything …

Burrrn can’t be better than Nero at burning audio CDs right ???

It’s just much simpler I find.

I normally use Roxio Classic Creator but if that’s not working right , as has happened, then I use Burrrn instead. Never got CD-TEXT working too well in Nero.

I’m interested in using Nero. I wanted instructions on how to create mp3s
into an audio cd. I havent had time to mess around with Nero yet, since I
just got it a few days ago.

Here you go jmrock, step by step tutorial to making an audio cd.