Making MP3 CD



Each time i try to make an mp3 cd, the cd gets burned but when its finished my burner and reader report its empty, but you can see on the surface that the cd is written. I have about 5 mb left on that burned CD.
I have an HP Cd-Writer 7570i burner. I can burn everything from music to games (Made a music cd and a copy of unreal tournament on the same day ??? I DONT GET THIS PLEASE HELP

TNX, Junky


What is your burning program? CDRWIN will do just this if you don’t have a perfectly cracked version. Try cracked Nero at
where you can drag the MP3 to the new CD window, and Nero converts to .wav and burns perfectly.


No, that not what i mean. i mean that i want to burn about 150 mp3z on a cd, so i can play them in winamp.


I know, i do it that way. (i make an data cd) Now cums the funny part, the cd was about 670 mb. I reduced it to 640mb an burned it onto an re-writable. Then it did work??? Im confused ???