Making movie from video file

Hi, newbie here. If someone would be kind enough to explain to me why all of a sudden i am getting “burn process failed” messages. I was able to burn from d/lded video files straight using nero 7. However, the last 3 tries i get the message above.
Help, please.
Thanks in advance.


That is way to braod of a error message. What you should do is post your log file from the failed burn attempt here. Make sure you scan it over and take out any personal info you might have on it.

Off the bat it could be a couple things. Have you switched media recently? The best media to use is verbatim or taiyo uden.

Is it only this particular video file giving you the failed burns?

Make sure you aren’t burning any faster than 8X, usually a good rule of thumb is to go half of what your max burn speed is.

Make sure no other programs are in use that might be cpu intensive.

Lastly, are you up to date on your version of nero? You should always update to the latest version. Make sure your drives firmware is also up to date.