Making mini-image

ok, basicly what i want to do is make a small image file for safedisc protetected games, i know there is a program out there called “MiR”, but the files it makes are still quite large, i have tried making the mir file, using hex to remove some of the files, it worked fot a bit, but then started mucking up.

so basicly what i would like to do is be able to open a mds/mdf image file, replace the large file (only needed for installation) with just a fake notepad file renamed as “”, problem is that (in ultraiso) whatever i save it as the bad sectors are lost, and therefore the copy wont work, does anybody know of any software that can open, modify, and save a msf/mds file without removing the bad sectors.

i also would like to do this, sometimes i buy budget games from a company called “sold out”, they are protedcted with SafeDisc 2.8/2.9, problem is that “sold out” put there logo in the autorun and everywhere, and generally muck up the cd.

as far as im aware making a mini-image is not illegal, as long as the copy protection is left intact, i am not asking for a download link for them, as downloads would allow people who have pirate versions to run the game illegaly. however if what i am asking is still illegal, please close this thread.


ben :slight_smile:

The legality of a mini image is, you could say, on a razor’s edge… Me personally would assume it is legal, but i’m not sure.

But what i don’t understand is why the mini images actually work… Whenever you start up a SafeDisc program it does a sector check on the cd anyway to check if it is the real CD. Wouldn’t you have to make some kind of modified TOC or something?

I dont know if this has anthing to do with it but: can’t you just start making an image of the game(s) like you would normaly and stop the dumping just after the protection is done? Then burn that to a cd/mount it?


Again that would probably fail the Sector check.

Well when I making an image of Splinter Cell 1 (SD 2.9) using my Lite-on SOHC-5232K in A120%, the power went off! :stuck_out_tongue: But when I mounted the image, the porection was fine with out any emuation.


reading just the bad sectors at the beginging of a disc to allow the safedisc check to work is a good idea, however i think it would also be a good idea not to discuss it further, not only on legal grounds, but otherwise safedisc (macrovision) could, and will fix this.

back to my question, is there any software that can edit cd-images whilst keeping the sector info.


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Ok mouth shut :stuck_out_tongue:


Use UltraIso demo to create a mini-image. The alcohol forum has a discussion about using this software to create a starforce 3 working mini-image, so i presume it is the same for safedisc:

As to the legality, it is a modified image, but if no info is being added to the image (you are just taking what you already legally have and chopping it in two, to use one section) i would assume editing an image in such a way would be legal. :slight_smile:

making a StarForce 3 mini-image is easy, you just delete all the files, save as bin, rename to mdf, raplace original mdf and play, its modifying a image and keeping the bad sectors that SafeDisc uses that is hard.

ben :slight_smile:

ps. the same could be said for a nocd crack “just take a exe you have legaly and chop it half, and use one section” (well, remove parts)

pps. i guess mini-images will really harm GameJackel, as they do pretty much the same thing for free :sad: