Making menus in Nero Vision 4 in Nero 7

Hello all,

I really hope someone here can help me, cause I’m about to go crazy on this.

I got some dvds from overseas. The audio is in English but the menus are in German. I just want to make basic chapter and main menus so that I don’t need a translator to watch Psi-Factor. LOL

My problem is this…I can make the chapters fine in Nero Vision 4, but I have problems trying to make a main menu. I’ve searched and everything I’ve found says that it should be right between the “never use black thumbnails” and “create chapters automatically” when you’re editing a dvd. But that option just isn’t there for me.

Am I doing something wrong? I got it to make a menu automatically on the first dvd I did…and then it just stopped.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.



Get a better authoring software like tmpgenc dvd author or dvdlab.