Making light work of piracy - No more cams

I just posted the article Making light work of piracy - No more cams.

The BBC reports that recording movies in movie theathers, as done by pirates, could soon come to an end. The US company Cinea is working on a system that will manipulate the light levels of…

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I recall downloading a CAM-recording of a movie some time ago, and I can tell you this: I’d rather pay 8 Euro’s to see it in a theater, than to have to watch the Cam recording for 1,5 / 2 hours on my PC! The quality sucks big time. I can’t imagine ANYONE watching a movie in such crappy quality. Trust me, you wouldn’t even let your mother in law watch her favourite soap series in this quality… Yeah, it’s that bad. :4 So my point is: why try to ‘copy-protect’ it? There goes another (probably HUGE) amount of money down the drain. :r

my friend gave me two movies in cam, Reign of Fire and Sum of All Fears. I haven’t watched either one beyond the first minute. The background noisegives you a headache, the fps is about 15-19, the resolution is worse than Simpsons episodes, and the color is completely washed out. I used to watch a few cams… Scary Movie, The Perfect Storm… it is completely not worth it. It ruins the plot in case you ever decide to buy/rent/divx it, and to boot no matter how good the movie was, it sucked to watch. So it could have been the greatest movie in the world… yet it completely sucked for you. I can understand if you are say, a huge fan of LoTR and you wanna watch it over and over and over before dvd comes out… but if you are a huge LoTR fan and watch the movie that many times your going to buy the DVD no questions asked. Oh and by the way, digital movie theatres cost $150,000 to get a digital projector. That projetor has to be replaced every two years… I don’t see how any theater that isn’t rich could afford that, and most theaters aren’t rich.

The only reason the movie industry is scared of screeners is that they realize if you see the (lack-of) quality of the crap they release before you go to the theater, they’ll never sucker you into paying to see it.

It’s just a matter of time before video cameras come out that can get around this.

yep bobosaan is spot on. every time i see a trailer on tv saying “the best movie this year” and “really scary” etc i die laughing after taking a look at the WP or TS of them already out on the net. Most films are all crap anyhow, so bad quality dont make them any worse than they already are. :r

That’s good! Finally they got something to kill those theater thieves! :slight_smile: Maybe they should install cam detectors, faster!

I imagine when they start getting films digitally, there will be a few who figure out how to rip the movie straight off of whatever medium they use.

this is a waste of time, the quality is so bad on these cams that is not worth wasting time to prevent. I saw SW:AOTC and it was horrible, so much slo-mo.

What you are saying is only through about the ‘CAM’ versions! About the rest of the versions you don’t speak, and therefor all your reactions are not trough! You have CAM, TELESYNC, SCREENER, TELECINE, and DVDRIP versions. CAM sux, telesync often isn’t great, but allready is allot better than the cam. In some cases, it’s even good to look at. E.G. Star Wars Attack Of The Clones Centropy TS SVCD. That version (3cds) was SUPER! OK, not DVD quality, but better than tv-quality. So JimKiler, just look at good versions in stead of CAMS. CAMS only are for die hard fans, but often two days later better versions are out. I don’t know if this is allowed, but if you want to know where to get your stuff, just go to, look @ what is out. Then go to and look which bot it has. Join the network (IRC) download it, and watch it. :9

Just boils down to a bunch of cheap arse’s probably teenagers who cant afford to go to the movies and yet spend all their hard earned lawn mower money on broadband to download shit bootleg copies of movies and use the excuse that the quality of movies is crap, however go out of your way to download it. Personally i couldnt give a crap about pirated music but theater and DVD’s are worth the money.

Yes and no, downloading a super video cd. Putting it in your dvd player, with big tv, stereo to the max, chips and coke/beer, and enjoy! (And that a few month before the movie is out!)