Making karaoke cd's

can anybody point me in the right direction for making my own karaoke cd’s. What software is best to use? Do I need specials cd’s? Anyone know of a message board site devoted to making karaoke cd’s. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I came up against this question when my mum wanted to back up the karaoke discs she buys online.

First, you’ll need CloneCD (available as a 21-day fully functional trial from

You don’t need special CDRs, regular ones will do. Make sure your drive will support CD+G (you can see if this box is checked in Nero InfoTool). If so, proceed:

Copy the karaoke disc in CloneCD with the Multimedia Audio CD setting.

Hope this helps - works with my mum’s discs a treat :slight_smile:

Edit: not sure if you mean literally making your own, or backing up ones you already have. In that case, hopefully this will help somebody :wink:

A forum search for “making my own CD+Gs” or “making my own karaoke CDs” might help if you’re talking about making them from scratch (so to speak, hehe).

yes I want to try making them “from scratch” if possible. The other half is into karaoke and thinks I can work miracles. I would hate to disalusion him! Plus I would like to work with creating discs from original artist cd’s. Most of the karaoke cd’s I find in the stores have crappy music and background vocals. Would love to take his Mere Haggard cd’s for example and use them to make a karaoke cd.

I know what you mean about not wanting to disappoint people - my mum wants me to make her some karaoke CDs from scratch as well, but sadly I wouldn’t know where to start.

The only thing I can offer is to tell you where she gets her custom burned ones online: - you just pick out the songs from their online catalogue, and compile your own CD. They’re actually pretty good (and my mum has high standards!) - and delivery time is excellent, here in the UK at least.

Hope that helps at least, if someone here can’t advise you further :slight_smile: