Making it smaller?

I’ll start of with saying I’m not too computer smart.
If you can help me on this issue, PLEASE go step by step haha.

I recently bought a JVC HDD camcorder.
I made a video, and transfered it to the computer.
I want to put the video on Youtube.
This video is only 8:52 long.
And its 605 MB.
To get a video on Youtube, the video can be 10 minutes long, but it can only be 100 MB.
My question is how do I get the video from 605 to 100 MB?
The only way I can think of removing parts of the video, WHICH I DON’T WANT TO DO.
Even my videos that are only 2 minutes long end up being 150 MB.
And for some reason, Windows Movie Maker won’t allow me to open my videos in there.
Can anyone please please please help me!?!

For all my YouTube videos I use ffmpeg for my video transcoding, it’s very easy to use and you can get a 605 mb video down to less than 100 mb with out any problems. Here it the link with some step by step guides
FFMPEG :slight_smile:

haha I feel stupid.
I’ve read that site over 3 times and I still don’t get what i’m supposed to do!
How and where do I convert and change those things?

porschax there is no need to feel stupid, here is some more info for you to read and try this one Here and Here before you know it you will have your videos on youtube :slight_smile:

thank you sooo much!! =]