Making Iso Of Lord Of The Rings Battle For Middle Earth II



Can anybody Help me figure out how to make an iso of the first disk in the set of six in the new Lord of the Rings Battle For Middle Earth II, I already have A fairly recent version of Alcohol 120% and have tried mutliple runs with different configurations while focusing on the Safedisk 2/3. The image is always made succesfully but when I mount it onto the drive The game boots, I hit the play option and it says “Please insert the correct CD-ROM, select OK and restart application”. Help would be appreaceated.



Welcome Spunky2890,

scan the installation folder of your game using Protection ID and tell us the exact SafeDisc version and did you already patch the game?


EA always uses a custom safedisc version.
but it should at least be safedisc v4.60


Use this guide.


Thanks Guys it turns out my image with Alcohol 120% was fine I needed YASU to hide my virtual Drive

                      Again Thanks your help was greatly appreciated


How to take 6 CD’s and making an installable DVD? Is that related and possible too?

Thank you