Making ISO from ripped files

I have ripped many DVDs to a large hard drive while waiting for the blank media to arrive in the mail. I used DVD Decrypter in “File” mode. Only after ripping about 86 GB did I learn that I should be ripping using the ISO mode, which will help alleviate problems with freezing at the layer break.

Can I somehow create the ISO file from the DVD files, despite them being on my hard drive instead of the DVD itself? I don’t mind delving into other software packages. Otherwise, it’s back to the video store… :sad:

back to the video store for what?

re-ripping the original dvds is the only way to retain layer break info.

that is if you own the originals.

if you don’t own the originals, READ THE FORUM RULES before posting again. we don’t tolerate that kind of thing around here.

see guides here:

you can also use ImgTool Classic/Burn to create ISOs from DVD-VIDEO files and burn them (but use the PGCEdit guide above to set proper layer breaks):

ah yes, i forgot you can manually set your own layer breaks. i haev a mental block against this since i’m afraid I’d screw it up haha.

although the video store comment bothers me. something tells me this character has been renting and ripping…

i don’t personally use PGCEdit since i rip in ISO and use the MDS files to preserve original layer breaks so i hear you on the fear of “screwing it up” :wink:

probably true about the renting and ripping and violating forum rules, but i’m just into disseminating good information…perhaps others will find it useful (after all, we all know there are a ton of rental rippers here and if we coveted good info to ourselves…well…i’ll leave it at that…)

You might want to edit out the “back to the video store part of your post.” People here don’t take kindly to pirates. It besmirches our good intentions.

There is a plethra of tools that can do this. Img Tool classic is one of them. Clonedvd2, DVD Shrink (hint:change the target size to avoid unwanted compression). I’d even be willing to bet there’s a program out there somewhere called “ISOMaker.” Unless you plan on mounting them to a virtual drive, then you can give each movie its own folder and there’s really no benefit to an ISO.

I’d like to suggest that from now on when anyone, especially newbies, but also anyone posts a suspicious, pirating type of thread, post, or comment that a one comment postback from one member is enough: “bugger off”… and get him banned right from the get-go! Nobody should be allowed to join and post without reading and agreeing to the forum rules. So there is no excuse for pirate questions or little “rental” comments tucked into a post. Or comments like “… aww, come-on, most people do it …”. I DO NOT TRUST posters who make such statements. Our attitudes and integrity are being tested: by an innocent member looking for social acceptence or by a not so innocent party.

Due to many such recent posts and threads, I left cdf for a short while. But now I’m gonna come right out and say what I think. It is my belief, as I have shared with some cdf friends in PM’s, that these postings are sometimes made by industry “plants” or spys and those who offer any advice whatsoever, are risking personal prosecution by association or acceptance. I know it is normal, when we know the answer, show off a bit and give an answer or a begrudging, partial answer, even though we don’t approve of a poster’s integrity. But we should try to resist. It’s OK to be judgmental and even rude within this context. Do be afraid of helping. Also, by helping to even the smallest degree, you are endangering the future of our beloved cdf under penalty of Finnish law.

To be clear to those that would threaten our fair use rights, we on cdf backup movies we bought to protect our purchase investment only. If a member (new or old) doesn’t like that let he/she go find some hack/crack/pirate forum to be a member of!

I will not be reposting this over and over, just this once, but I hope established, honest members take heed for their person safety. There are probably strangers among us!

ebarbour: Consider yourself warned. Read the forum rules.

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