Making ISO From Copy Protected DVD Movie

I have a DVD movie that I want to make an ISO out of but I don’t know how because I never did this before. I used ImgBurn at first but it said that the DVD is copy protected. So I installed AnyDVD and ran it, doing nothing at all and assuming it removes protection by itself, I used ImgBurn. I had some bad results when I turned to MagicISO which made me a good ISO. But I tried doing another DVD and it freezes at 97 percent where ImgBurn says 0 errors, and the retries keep on going up.

  1. What could be the problem with this?

  2. Why do the ISO files come out to be about 8 Gigs?

Thanks in advance

The ISO file should be nearly the size of the source which is around 8 GB for most commercial DVDs. You need to use something like DVDShrink to compress DVD contents first if you want to fit ISO onto SL DVD media, and then create ISO from the compressed files. Note DVDShrink has no more updates and may not complete with newer copy protection unless DVDFabDecrypter is run first, or you might try RipIt4Me.

So are you saying that this is a dual layer dvd

Nearly all commercial DVDs are dual layer.

What version of AnyDVD did you use? Either that program includes a bug for this DVD or there are scratches on the disc.