Making iso disk images with Nero 7 and burning large files over multiple DVDs

I downloaded the trail version of Nero 7 to make sure that it can do what I need it to do before I purchase it; and I am a little stuck. I am trying to backup my 200GB hard drive and I was wondering if it’s possible to making iso disk image files with Nero 7? Then I want to burn the iso disk image file over multiple DVDs. Can these things be done with Nero 7?

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The Linux version of Nero doesn’t seem to have any advanced backup
features, I don’t know about the Windows version.

You need some backup software that allows you to split the
archive into DVD sized segments. Software that allows incremental
backups will only backup files that have changed since the last
backup. This can save a lot of storage space.

I use tar on Linux for ordinary backups and KDar for
incremental backups. This program runs on Linux and
other Unix based systems. It is worth having Linux just
for the cool backup and disk management tools.

This Nero product appears to offer a solution for
Windows users.

If you prefer shareware/freeware:

I am using Nero 7 for Windows

I agree with No# poster, he is proposing good suggession.