Making individual videos from concert/music DVD

As the subject says I’ve been trying to make individual videos from my concert/music DVDs. Used DVD Fab to rip to HD, DVD Shrink to seperate the songs/videos then VOBtoMPG to finish.
Worked for some, thought I’d won. Then I got to Shania Twain Live and The Very Best of Sheryl Crow - The Videos. The resulting MPGs look good but, have staic for sound. I can play the VOB files with PowerDVD and they look and sound GREAT.
Is there an easier/better way to attack this problem? Wouldn’t mind spending a little cash on software if I could get this to work. Hate going through the full DVD menu thing to watch one video.

Try AutoGK and convert them to avi/divx instead of mpg.

I’ll give it a shot. Thanks