Making Images on a Samsung SM-308B

I recently bought FIFA World Cup 2006, and on my newest computer neither drive can recognize the disk. So after spending two hours on the phone with PC tech-support, I decided to try some other way. On another computer that could not run the game the CD was recognized. I downloaded Alcohol 120% for both computers. Then i made an image of the disk, then moved both the MDF and MDS files to the computer I wanted to install the game on. After that I created a virtual drive in Alcohol 120% and mounted the MDS file. I don’t know if i did something wrong with the mounting, or making the image. I also tried to use Clone CD but that did not work also. It recognizes the virtual CD to install, but as soon as i try to play, i get the generic windows error message “FIFAWC06 has encountered a problem and needs to close. we are sorry for the inconvenience.” Any help would be greatly apprecieated and any more info you need i can give you.

What settings did you use to make the image?

What version of Alcohol are you using?

What writer do you have?

My dad got the drive fixed so now the game works and I don’t need any more help with this problem.

where can i get an alcohol emulation file?

If your asking for an image file, the best method would be to pop into town, purchase the game then create your own image.