Making image of GTA Vice City PLAY Disc..?help me

hi im new here…

i want to ask something here about my game,its GTA Vice City,i install my game disc 1 and disc 2 and after that i reboot my computer then finally i run my game but there’s windows appearing,its looking for cd,Vice_City_PLAY.S i copied the all file from disc 2 to my hard disk then i make that file an image,the Cd label is Vice_City_PLAY coz that is the cd label that looking to run my game.then i start the image maker,the image format is .mdf\mds.after that finished recording there is an error about i repeat again the step and i change the image format .iso.and after finished recording there’s is an error i decide to mount the image to my Alcohol 52% Free Edition then i run my game but my game is still looking for a cd…what is the problem of that…??

can you help me plss…

i copied the all file from disc 2 to my hard disk

Did you not create images directly from your origional discs using image making wizard in Alcohol

No,coz if i copied directly to my cd the cd label is not correct,the cd label is Vice_City_Play but the game is need Vice_City_PLAY…

Make an image off the original using the Image Making Wizard of Alcohol and try to play from that. Copying the files from the CD will not work as the copy protection will be missing.

i don’t know if what disc is needed,the disc 1 or disc 2 coz i use A-ray scanner and i scan the disc 1,securerom detected while in disc 2 nothing found…

what disc do you think neeeded the game?

Try both of your original cds and you’ll find out which one is the play disc now, won’t you? :rolleyes: :doh:

i try both but my game is looking for a cd again…in disc 2 there is no cd protection in disc 1 securerom new…so i try to copy disc 1 the cd label is GTA_Vice_City and i run my game but its looking for a cd…is there somebody can help me to play vice_city using virtual cd…

Remake the images using the Securom New 4.x/5.x Datatype. If only one of the discs has protection then you could safely bet that it is required to play.

and how to create Mini image that the size is small??from bigger to small??i want to create mini image of my play disc to a small size to not occupied big space to my hard disc…plss reply


Sorry, we don’t support mini images due to their dubious legal nature.