Making image of a scratched dvd+r with protection on

Hello to all the members of this board.
To cut staight to the problem.
I have a teac dvd-rom and pioneer 105 with latest firmware.I never had or have problems with reading or recording any media.
Some friend from pakistan gave me a copyrighted dvd+r that had lot’s of scratches.
What i usually do is i make a image on my hard disk i choose skip errors and i wait until is ready.
My question is it is in anyway possible to skip all errors at once instead of waiting error by error of the sectors or it’s my teac that doen’t support it?
It took me 3 days to make the image of this dvd+r and it works with no problems at all mates!!!
Usualy it takes 15minutes or less to make the image.
If anyone knows something please reply!!!

Thanks in advance!!!

Friendly Plimper.

I do not think so. If the disc has errors because of the scratches then I think that the software will have to deal with each error.

That’s what i think too mate!!!
Thanks again!!!

I had a kind of similar problem, my experience and the outcome is here: