Making image from CD

I want to make a program that make ISO images from CDs.

How can I create a ISO image from a CD using any api. I am planning to use VC++.

please help… :bow:


You need to wait for a new NeroSDK that will provide disc-to-disc copying. Until then, you may try read the directory structure from the physical CD, pepare it for burning and then burn it to an image recorder. This may techically not give you identical results as a plain disc-to-disc copy, in terms of ordering of files, but functionaly the outcome should be the same, in terms of content.

alex thanx for ur help…
:frowning: any i have to find some way…

is there any other api’s for cds


Depending on your particular requirements, you might do it the way I already proposed.

I am not aware of other APIs. As I said, NeroSDK will probably have this functionality as soon as the new SDK is released.

Hi Alex,

Could you please throw some light as to how this could be accomplished? or could you please point to some places in the documentation where one should be looking?

Thanks alot in advance and looking forward to your reply.