Making Image and then playing Games from it



I am getting a new hd soon and I will have a lot of room, so I would like to learn how to make a image of a game just so that I dont have to keep sticking in the cd all the time. I tried before with iso buster but I could not get the image made right. It kept asking me if I wanted to replace data with ennrrroius sectors or something like that, and I dinnt know wat to day. Also i did make a image right with nero6 1 time, of halo for pc, but then I could not play the game from it as it still told me to put in the cd, even though I had the fake vitural drive thingy up. If its simple steps or a single program, please post it here. If its more complicated please give me a link to more info about it, or perhaps tell me the forums I should be using. I wasnt sure where to put this as it seems to cover different things.


whether you will be able to play the game from an image/virtual drive depends on, among other things, the type of protection used by the original, your cd burner brand/model, whether you can get a decent, working image of the game in the first placeā€¦plus the latest game are coded to look for virtual drives, when they find one installed even the original wont play in some instances. take a look in the copy protection forum, also @ also my guides @


Thanks for those guides ill check those out when I start to try this again, but basically your saying that each game may have to be researched and approached differently according to the type of protections it uses?