Making Home Movie -

I have used Ulead 8.0 , 9.0 and now 10.0 to do some personal home movies. Typically my movies have included short clips from movies that i burned from dvds. My question is two-fold:

  1. does ulead 10.0 allow me to burn DVD movies directly to my hard drive? I haven’t found this option yet in ulead yet…

  2. If not, what is the easiest, most user-friendly software out there that will allow me to burn certain clips from dvd movies. I am not looking to copy a whole dvd at all, but i just want the ability to view, mark, and cut specific segments (usually only 5-15 seconds of a dvd) all within one software suite. I mention user-friendly because i don’t need all the fancy stuff that i already know how to use in ulead.



When you edit a clip you can save it to disk, using the format you adopted for the project.
You can pick it from the folder you put it into and play it.
Creating a DVD it is just the final step.
Apart from “save” you can also look at the “file” menu for something like “create movie” - it may be together with import/export facilities.
Sorry but I haven’t the possibility to look at the application and I’m just recalling what I find in my memory about VS 8 - I didn’t have the chance to look at 10 or 10+ yet, and my editor is Ulead’s MSP.

But, for look here for more info :
or here   (you have same for 8 and 10's)