Making HD image look like CD on Mac - using Rosetta Stone

I have seen several threads pertaining to PC and Alcohol, but I have a Mac.

I purchased a Rosetta Stone language course, which requires the CD to be inserted whenever using the course. This is a really annoying approach to protecting their product because of the slow start up times, and drawing battery down. I have asked them if they have considered using an internet activation approach similar to Microsoft or Adobe, and they are considering other options.

In the meantime, I would like to create an image on the HD that looks like a CD to the application. I have experimented with Toast 8 Titanium, but without success.

Appreciate any suggestions,



I’m a new mac user. I’m not really sure if copy protection exists with mac’s, at least with any software I use with my mac. Have you tried making a new .dmg image with disk utility and just copying the files into there? It worked with Office 2003 for me.

They use SafeDisk, a copy protection system that is applicable to Macs. Your approach will not work.

I haven’t tried this so this could be a stupid question, can you read it in windows? you could make an image using Alcohol120% in bootcamp or parallels.