Making good CD from 2 bad CDs



Hi, I’m new here so I thought to put my question in Newbie forum :stuck_out_tongue:

My friend has copied a CD for me 2 times, the 2 CDs I got from him are corrupted but not in same position, one of them is corrupted at 25% and the rest of it is good and other one is corrupted at 91% and the rest of it is good.

Now is there a way to make a good copy from the 2 CDs somehow by combining the good area in them?

PS: the CD contains one file about 606MB size.




Okay in simple words I want to copy half the file from the first CD and the other half from the second CD… Or half CD Image… Or replacing the bad the sectors from one CD to the other.

Is there a way to do that?



Are you able to copy the files or any of the files to your hard drive ? or are you saying that one file is corrupted on each CD but in different places ?
what type of file/files are you talking about ?


That’s my issue :iagree:… And its data file BIN , not archive or Audio/Video.


If you have two BIN’s, identical other than for a different corrupted region in each, the “dirty” way would be to cut each of them up with a tool like “chainsaw”, and then judge the position of the bad ones and swap them, then recombine.

I said it was a dirty method!


Thank you very much Matth maybe this way is dirty but it worked for me (I knew where to cut), that Chainsaw utility was useful.