Making Enhanced Audio CDs plus Autorun

I’m currently trying to make an Enhanced Audio CD which autoplays the audio portion of the CD and also, when it begins to play, it launches an html file.

The problem I’m having is that when I create the autorun.ini file and have it automatically launch the html file upon the CD being loaded, it no longer automatically plays the audio. I’m currently using a simple program from Duckware called winopen.exe but so far I’ve only been able to figure out how to make it autostart the html file by itself.

Anybody know an easy way to get it to do both? I know there are some programs that you can purchase that will allow for that, but I was hoping for a way I might be able to program it in myself or if there was some sort of freeware out there that might do the trick.

Thank you!

It sounds like your PC is set up to play audio when a disc is inserted. Then, once the audio starts, the autorun kicks in and tells the drive to read the html file. This would most likely stop the audio playback since the drive must then go read some ROM data in the other session. Does this sound correct?

Are you able to use the ‘winopen.exe’ software to start anything you want? And, can you only tell it to start one thing or can you tell it to do more than one thing? If it will do multiple things, you might try first loading the html file and then start the audio playing. You might need a brief pause between these two things so the first has time to complete before the other one starts.

It might be possible to do this with a batch file (BAT) as well but I’m not really sure.

Let me know how it goes. Maybe I can think of some other options.


I think I can set winopen.exe software to start anything I want. But what would the command be to start the audio playing.


From the Duckware website:

AVI: Here is an example that causes an AVI file to play when the CD is inserted into the computer:

open=winopen /op:play \award.avi

Perhaps you could replace the ‘award.avi’ with your audio file name.


I guess that the smiley is unwanted in this case! :bigsmile:


open=winopen /op:play \award.avi

LOL. Thanks! I’ll try it and let you guys know how it turns out.


hmmm, the problem i’ve now discovered is that there doesn’t seem to be a way to make the audio session and the data sessions of the enhanced CD have access to each other (since the process of creating the enhanced CD seperates the audio and the data into 2 sessions, which is what allows the audio to play in a CD player and the data to be read on the computer).

Unfortunately, the problem that causes is that I can simply call the audio tracks from autorun.inf because it doesn’t have access to them, at least no way that I’ve been able to discover.

that is why director and later flash was created.

In html you could enbed a copy of the audio you want to play as an mp3.
that way the html file and mp3 file could both be on the datasession.

Problem solved.