Making DVD's


I am currently trying to prepare my video clips and compile a dvd.

I have noticed that there are 20 avi files that play fine on the computer but that’s it.

Avi splitter won’t recognize the avi, when I try using Adobe Priemer to export to another image it does it but NO Sound, what the heck is wrong with these avi files?

Can someone please assist…the are fairly raw files too? Again they play fine on the computer MS Media Player etc…but when I try to compile dvd (Ulead) it crashes…cause it won’t recgonize the avi type!!!

Please and THnak you!!!


What program did you use to create the AVI files?

If a special codec was used, it is possible that these files are not recognized properly in, for example, Adobe Premiere.

I didn’t use anything special…Unlead Studio 7 via 1394 firewire to dump in default DVD type avi…

I remember using video splitter to cut up the files and all of the sudden even video splitter doesn’t recognize them…BUT THE STILL PLAY?! I am so confused…

Codecs…hummm I still have NO Clue newbie request for backup…:slight_smile:

get Gspot
This will tell you what codecs made it and stuff.