Making DVD with subtitles from avi+sup



Ok, basicly what I am trying to do is make a DVD from a avi with optional subtitles. I have the sup file, and used TMPGEnc to encode the MPEG-2 video (tried PAL and NTSC), it comes out with the mpeg-2 files, and then I use IFOEdit to make it into a DVD, it goes ok, but when I try and play the files back it is just black (I have tried playing back “from folder” on my computer), and I cant see anything, I know the video came out ok, as when I used Nero Recode I can see the picture fine (but it wont rip to mpeg-4, it sticks at 99.1%.)

Any ideas?


Ben :slight_smile:




Convert your Subtile file to *.srt (try Vobsub) anf then use DVD2SVCD w/CCE to encode and author it. Old versions of IFOEdit had problems with authoring NTSC stuff.


Many thanks, I am trying that now, exept I am using “QuEnc 0.59” to encode the video, as I read that the CCE trail puts a watermark om the output video.

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OK Nero Recode shows the input so it is viewable. Try installing a good Mpeg2 Decoder(installing a dvd playing software would be ideal but not compulsory) and your problem should dissappear.

Hope this helps.