Making DVD ROM in Nero


Sorry if this seems so basic, but I’ve been trying to make this work for some time now and maybe I’m missing something obvious. I have the latest Nero Xpress ver. 6 (just downloaded the most recent update) and I want to be able to make my book type to be DVD ROM for the most compatibility.

When I go to
Test Drive
it tells me a DVD +R is set to booktype DVD ROM. However, when I actually burn a disc, it makes it a DVD +R booktype. What am I missing? I made sure this was set to ROM before burning the disc, and it was, but it still made the booktype a +.

I’m new here, so maybe there’s a thread that explains it… haven’t found it yet but will keep looking. In the meantime, any help would be appreciated.

I just want to be sure my DVDs are booktype DVD ROM.



Which burner are you using? Not all are capable of bitsetting through software. Some require firmware hacks, like modern Pioneer drives.

oh, that could be… I was going to ask if the burner would be the culprit. Mine’s a Lightscribe. Can I tell if that’s the problem? Thanks.

No, we need make and model. Most burners can use software for bitsetting though. Run Nero InfoTool to find which burner you have.

It is free to download and use.

ah, got it. I’ve found the problem thanks to your advice. The info tool tells me my burner won’t write ROMs. : (

Thanks for the info tool tip. That’s real handy.

My burner is a R90A HP.

From what I’ve read and experienced, some DVD players can only play +Rs, some -Rs, some just ROMs, some all, some no recorded discs at all but only pressed, right? I was trying to do transfers and had too many people that said their disc wouldn’t work in their player(s). It happened to me on both a +R with a ROM book type (made on my recorder, not my burner) and a -R.

Is this just the way it is? Just too much incompatibility between discs and players?

I really appreciate your help!



Are you sure you don’t have an HL-DT-ST DVD-RW GSA-H60L with the R90A firmware? This would be an LG drive.

LG drives can be used to bitset +R disks. I know there is a setting in ImgBurn for LG drives.

Regarding media, I suggest getting the best quality you can find. I would recommend Verbatim 16x. And just to avoid the whole bitsetting thing, get their -R disks just to try them out. You can find Verbatim online or at local shops like Best Buy.

yes, close… it’s actually HL-DT-ST DVD-RAM GSA-H60L

I’d love to avoid the whole bit setting thing, however, I’ve “been there, done that” and Verbatim -R’s is exactly what I was using as I had found out before that was the most compatible way to go… unfortunately, however, I still had issues as I had 2 clients where their discs wouldn’t play in their players. That led to me learning the whole book type phenomenon.

Just would like to find a way where I could be more confident my discs would play on darn near any player. But, that may not be possible. What would you advise?



What speed were you burning these Verbatim disks? Sometimes slowing down the speed helps, but I wouldn’t go slower than 8x on 16x media.
You can also just run into picky players that nothing seems to help. That is a fact you cannot get around.

If you want to try bitsetting again, here is what I would do. I would buy some Taiyo Yuden 8x +R dvds from or Then I’d download ImgBurn. It is a free burning program that has replaced Nero for me.
Once you have the program, go to Tools–>Drive–>Change Booktype. Click on the LG tab. In the change for line, change DVD +R to DVDRom (under New Setting) and hit ok. I’ve uploaded a picture showing this.

By the way, you can safely burn those Taiyo Yuden disks at 8x.

thanks for the info. I’ll give that a try. One thing, why those particular discs? Can I use the Verbatims or whatevers? I was mostly using my real time recorder when I was making the recordings anyway, but wanted to see if I could make a ROM on my burner for shorter projects. Thanks much for the tips!


You can do the same thing with Verbatim 16x +R…bitset them I mean.

The TY disks have a long history of excellent quality, at least their 8x media, and they are widely regarded as some of the best available disks.

If you are going to the trouble of ordering online, I’d get these TY 8x +R. You cannot buy them in small quantities anymore I’m afraid. 100ct cakeboxes is the minimum I believe.

OK. I downloaded that program, which I really like so far… thanks for the link and info! The problem is my burner for sure, because it was real easy to set the bitsetting to ROM as per your image, but it still made the disc into a +. That’s OK, though, my recorder does ROM automatically with +R, but it’s real good to know that it’s my burner that won’t. If I get into a situation where I’d need more burned (as opposed to recorded) discs, I’ll get a different burner.

Thanks very much for all your help!

Oops, may have made a mistake in my instructions. When you go to change DVD+R to DVD Rom in ImgBurn, hit Change, then hit OK.

Try it again and see if that helps.