Making DVD ISO's for use with DaemonTools (ripped with DVDdecrypter)


Here’s some background,
in the early days I ripped all my movies with DVD decryptor using FILE mode (all files) because of FAT32 limits.

Nowdays I rip all my movies using ISO mode, and mount them with Daemon Tools.

Is there a software where I can take my old File-rip’s and make an ISO out of them?

(NERO is not an option as some isos will be up to 8,5 Gb)


One option I know of is to use CopyToDVD from VSO-Software set to ISO creation mode.
Open the CopyToDVD settings and click the Writing Engine tab and put a check in the box next to “Do not write to media [ISO creation mode]”
Then just select “Video DVD” in the Create new Project popup, load in the VIDEO_TS.IFO and it will then build an ISO of the DVD files.
One thing to note is the newer version of CoyToDVD will split the ISO into 1GB segments, this can then be loaded into Daemon Tools and ripped with DVD Decrypter into a single ISO file.
Or you could use CopyToDVD 2.2.7 as the splitting of the ISO files had not yet been implimented in this version. (it will build one large ISO)
There are possibly other solutions out there that someone else can suggest but this is the only way I know of.
None of the above will work with FAT32.