Making DVD from files created by DVD Decrypter (IFO split chapter)

Hi, guys

I have this DVD-video that wasn’t perfectly recorded. It contains about 18 titles (from a TV series episodes), but the last 4 titles is unreadable. I tried to create an ISO with Alcohol, DVD Decrypter, ImgBurn, but the result is always the same.

So I read somewhere that I can extract (save) some of the titles by using DVD Decrypter’s IFO mode-> chapter split, and managed to create folders, each contains these files:

VTS_01 - Stream Information

Now, I want to re-author these folders into a DVD video (without menu), but I don’t know how. I tried using DVD Shrink, but it can’t open the file.

Any suggestion how to do it?

I would give FixVTS a try.It’s freeware.
If it works run the new files it creates through DVDShrink to remove any menu.