Making DVD from a digital camera

I have just bought a DVD burner which came with nero express, I have discovered to get good quality DVD’s I need to down load from the camera in DV format, this makes an AV file of about 10G for 1 hour of tape, I then make the DVD using the highest quality bit rate. The quality of the DVD is very good, (takes about four hours to transcode a 1 hour tape on a 2.5G machine)but not as good as the digital tape in the camera. What I want to know is if a bought a software package like Pinnical 9 studio would the quality be better, ie it has better transcoding, or is what I have using Nero is as good as it is going to get? I am not after features of pinnical as I am happy with the features set of Nero, but I want to know I am getting the best quality possible on a DVD

Many thanks for anyone with expertise in this area


i have used pinnacle 9 and had no probs, the quality was superb. However it does take a while rendering. i would recommend p9 to nero but then ive never been a big nero fan :slight_smile: