Making dvd copy of command and conquer



hi there.
im new here and i dont know exactly where to start.
i just wanted to get some info on copying a game disc.
i have this command and conquer dvd, about 7GB and im thinking to make another copy for my everyday use.
7GB is a bit big so how should i go with it.
i heard about Alcohol but i dont know if im going on the right direction by trying it.
any suggestions? thanks.

in case im posting in the wrong forum, maybe i can be directed to where i should go.


This is a game (data files), not a movie (also data files, but you can recompress movie streams by reducing the quality because it’s an mpeg schematic).

So you need DVD+R Dual Layer.

I don’t know the copy protection schematic of the game, so it might be possible that a normal backup will not work.