Making DVD Copies From IFO Files

I’ve been using DVD NextCopy 4.2 Next Tech version for a short time now making copies of my DVDs and placing them on my windows home server (WHS).

What I need to know seems simple enough, but I didn’t find anything about it in the user manual except a brief reference to conversion that said I needed to click on “convert disk image” in the “extras mode” - which I see no way to enter.

Can I covert the transcoded files on my server (created in automatic mode and consisting of simple IFO files)?


No IFO files are needed along with the VOB files. This along with the BUP files assists in the DVD Structure.

Exactly, the the BUP files are just the backups of the IFO files…

Thanks for the correction chef

No thanks neccessary, was just an additional info. :wink: