Making Disk Images for Data CD Backups

I received my new Liteon CD burner with Nero 6 OEM software.

Using K2Probe, I found that many of the data CDs that I burned a few years ago exhibit C2 errors, so I want to do get the data off these CDs before they crap out copletely. Some have 8 to 10 C2 errors.

Can I use Nero’s CD Copy program and just exit out after the program has made the disk image? I know the image is deleted upon exiting Nero, but I can work around that by copying it to another location.

I’m just trying to avoid burning more CDs than I need to.

Is this method possible? Is there a better method?

Just set the output to “image recorder”. It’ll then ask you for the location & type. I’d choose ISO.

Okay, that worked fine. But how can I verify the integrity of the NRG file?

Also, how can I define the CD’s read speed during the process? Some of my CDs read okay at 24X while failing at 40X, and copying to an image file, the burner runs at full speed>

There’s a Nero utility - Drive Speed - found in the toolkit that should do what you want.

Okay, found that one too, and now the drive speed is set to 24X (I think - drive is so quiet I can’t really tell).

Does the speed selected in DriveSpeed override the speed selections in the other Nero applications? For example, if 24X Read is selected in DriveSpeed and 40X is selected in the Save Tracks dialog, at what speed will the tracks be read to disk?

Also, if I do something else like browse the web or run a different application during a Quality test, will that interact with the Quality test or while writing a premastering image on the hard drive?

Sorry for so many questions, there is a heck of a lot more to CD make that ACCURATE CD writing than I knew…

I’ve never used DriveSpeed but I think the idea is that it controls the read speed from the device for any application.
Depending what you’re doing I guess you can turn it on or off.