Making copies of movies

Hello all,

I am new to this so please bare with me. I want to make copies of dvd movies. I have heard of programs such as anydvd, clonedvd and dvd decrypter. How do I utilize these programs? Should I open one of these programs and then drop the files in to begin copying? What sequence do I follow? Also, are any of these programs freeware? :confused:


Here’s a good place to start:

DVDShrink and DVDDEcrypter are freeware (Google for them). Normally you rip and compress with DVDShrink. If the rip runs into problems, rip with DVDDEcrypter first, then open the ripped files with DVDShrink. Set up Shrink to create an ISO and burn it with DVDDecrypter in ISO Write mode.

So read a guide, it’s not difficult really. Good luck. :slight_smile:

P.S. Lots more guides at

Simple as falling off a log just follow his steps but remember these also

1 do not do anything else while you are burning the cd that means stay off the internet and keep your hands of the key board except to do what the recording software says.

  1. If you get an error with the software above it could be because of the condition of the DVD you are trying to copy. A simple take it to the sink and was it with hand soap and then dry it with a cotton cloth will help somtimes but please please make sure it is clean of all water before placing it in your machine.

  2. Do not use cheap media read the post on the media forum and pick a good cd type for your burns.

There also a program called dvd rebuilder that does what shink does only better and if free. Does take more to understand how to use dvd rebuilder.

Last buy one or two dvd rewrites and burn to them first so you can erase them and start over until you get the hang of it that way you do not waste disk. Once you know what you are doing you can always keep the cdv rewrite disk for testing in the future. I use a dvd rewrite when I have a bad burn to burn the second burn to in order to see if it was just a bad burn or something wrong with the files on the hardrive. Sure has saved me disk at times.

i do not have a dvd BURNER BUT I HAVE CD WRITER , AND A DVD RW can i copy movies into a blank cd rom or a blank dvd rom with out having a dvd burner ? if yes please tell me how can i do that ?

Umm… you are saying you have a DVD-RW and can copy to a blank DVD… but you don’t have a DVD burner ? :stuck_out_tongue:

A DVD burner “is” a DVD-RW drive

If you really don’t have one though, then yes, you can burn copies of DVD movies onto CD media using VCD or SVCD format.