Making copies of dvd's on linux?

Hi, I’ve make copies of dvd’s before on windows, I don’t remember how it’s been awhile, but now I need to do so on linux as I’ve converted to just linux. I’ve tried vobcopy, and dvdbackup, sorta. I can’t get vobcopy to work right, and I can’t find any documentation on it. And I don’t even know how to install dvdbackup. I’ve been trying to figure out for about an hour and I figured I’d just post here to see what program people recommend before I spend all this time trying to get something to work that isn’t even what I should be using.

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I’m not sure that can work, but have you tryied to install [B]wine[/B] and use it to run dvd shrink?

that didn’t work at all for me, I get errors when trying to install it.

I saw a thread about K9Copy in the Copy DVD Movie section recently. Haven’t tried it out myself though. :disagree:

DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink works well in Wine! Did you try and install it correctly ??? you need to add riched20, quartz and mfc42 dlls to your wine/fake_windows/Windows/System/ folder for it to work correctly!
And Cressida is correct you can also try K9Copy it also works well or you can use XDVDShrink :slight_smile:

Hi Geno888: what Version of Wine are you using?:bigsmile:

well it was early in the morning when I tried, so I didn’t wanna screw around with it to get it to work, but yeah I didn’t have any of those dll’s so I’m sure thats at least one problem. It does work as it’s listed as working fine on the winedb or w/e it’s called on the winhq site.

edit: btw, thanks for all the help and warm welcome everyone.

:o right now I don’t have wine installed. I suggested it because I was doing some searches and find that tool.

I need to do some more readings on linux systems :iagree:

well wine is not even installed properly nor can I install it properly, I have no idea why. I can’t install k9copy, among other unrelated things, I’m having so many problems with linux right now sigh

Hang on in there :wink: and keep searching for solutions (on the forums for your distro etc.). K9 will be best suited for KDE I suspect, are you running this? Don’t know what the Gnome alternative is. Maybe you can try XDVDShrink also.

Here’s just two google hits for the wine/decrypter/shrink alternative:

… nero linux?

Have a look here:

Have you tried this