Making coasters with LS verbatim blanks



I have a 20x Lite-On, I tried burning a few LS Verbatim discs DVD+R, but each one becomes a coaster during the burn process. I can burn other media with no problems. Any suggestions?


Has firmware been updated? I recently got a new SHM-165P6S that made +R coasters until firmware update which fixed the problem and burns +R normally now.


whe nI had my LH-201AH, same thing happened… it seemed to hate these discs…I dumped the drive because it was coaster way too many discs


Yea, thats the model I have. So I guess I’m out of luck.
I have the latest firmware.


I had the same problem until I burned a test disk with cd/dvdv speed nero create a disk at 16x then they burned ok after that.


Is there any way to change my MAX DVD burning speed? My TV software doesn’t support selecting speeds, it just burns at MAX (20x in my case).



Use low speed media like 4x DVD+RW :wink:

My TV software doesn’t support selecting speeds, it just burns at MAX (20x in my case).
This is bad. Can you set your TV software just writing a DVD image or a DVD data structure onto your HDD? So you could use real CD/DVD writing software like ImgBurn or Nero to burn at a speed selected by yourself.



No I can’t. There are no options. The media that keeps failing on me is actually 16x (just checked). It is LS Verbatim.


That sux. Not even saving the recorded data as file? Just ignore the “burn” part of this crapware.



The problem could well be the Verbatim media itself. Eroneously I too quickly concluded I’d fixed the issue on my SHM-165P6S drive, but the very next 16X Verbatim tried was a coaster; ditto for 8X Verbatim media, and about 3 out of 4 of either Verbatims become coasters. However, this same drive burns 8X TDK -R and 8X Ridata +R very well. This seems to indicate some drives just don’t like Verbatim media even though Verbatim is regarded as high quality.

For saving video as a file you may want to consider getting a video capture card, and then use Nero or other burning software for burning. Note Nero 6 OEM Suite may be found for $5 or less from various vendors by doing a Google search.