Making chapters in Nerovision 3

In the process of converting an AVI to DVD in Nerovision 3 I am trying to create some chapters. After manually creating several chapter points I notice that the chapter buttons do not reflect the correct pictures corresponding to the chapter points created. No matter what I do the pictures are incorrect. It almost looks like NV3 shuffles them around. I have done this before and it has worked correctly. The only change I have make is a change in video card from Asus Nvida T2 to ATI X700 Pro. I have not noticed any other video issues since the new card. This card does not have capture capability. Could this be the problem?

I know this post is over a year old…but I’m having the same exact problem!!! It’s driving me crazy. I had this prob on my old computer (I somehow fixed it without knowing why/how) and now have it again on a new one – I’m running on an AMD 64 X2 4200+ w/ 2gig of ram. No idea why this is happpening. Any ideas???

I have had this problem in the past also. I also had a problem with the images shown inside the DVD Menu “Buttons” being “shuffled around” when a frame of the video was picked to be shown it them.

I found that this happened when using specific versions of Nero (and the acccompanying version of Nero Vision). It was happening with versions thru When I upgraded to version, all was well, and both the menu button pictures and the DVD Chapter Buttons are now correct. My version of NeroVision is

It looks like the only problem people are having with v6.6.1.4 is that it uses more memory than the other versions. Didn’t affect me one way or the other. Ran fine on both my systems. (One has 512 mbyte ram, and the other has 1 gbyte ram).

In my opinion, it’s the best version that Nero has released. Version 7 is still a work in progress.

Updating to did the trick – thanks for the tip!!! Now if only I can remember that when it happens on another machine a year from now…haha!