Making cd-rom (ISO)-

I am trying :confused: to follow the instructions from LiteOn to make a Firmware upgrade disk for my DVD player/burner and it says to use my “writing application software” and to choose “Make CD-ROM (ISO)”. Unfortunately, I don’t have any writing application software. Would someone recommend a free downloadable software program that can do this. I’m only looking to burn one CD. I’d be most grateful. :bow:

Hmmm… do you not have Nero; maybe it was bundled with your computer DVD writer…?

Otherwise you can use the freeware ImgBurn to burn an ISO to CD:

Is this a PC burner? I’m guessing it’s a standalone if you need to burn the update to a disc.

If it’s a PC burner, you just find the relevant firmware update .exe and click to run it :slight_smile:

Sorry I didn’t give you all the crucial info. It is a standalone burner so I will have to make the CD. It is true that I don’t have Nero but I DO have Imgburn. My problem is that the file they had me download for the upgrade disc is not an ISO (at least it doesn’t have an ISO extension), so I’m not clear on how to burn that file (LNNFU091.E46) to the disk since in ImgBrn, if I try to select a source file to burn, ImgBrn only shows ‘supported’ file types and ‘E46’ is not one of them.

Thanks Arachne :flower:

@bobarnett: Ah OK - if those are the official LiteOn instructions to burn it as an ISO then you can try changing the three letter file extension from ‘E46’ to ‘ISO’, and then go to ImgBurn again.

What model is your LiteOn standalone, BTW?

  1. Open ImgBurn
  2. Choose Build from the Mode menu
  3. Either drag the LNNFU091.E46 file from Windows Explorer to the Build (Source) window, or use the Browse for a file… button to find the file and add it.
  4. Click on the Options tab and make sure that File System includes “ISO9660”
  5. Choose your CD-R(W) recorder in the Destination menu
  6. Insert a blank CD-R and give ImgBurn time to recognoze it
  7. Press the big Write button (looks like a folder with an arrow pointing at disc)
  8. Accept whatever default settings for label and other questions that ImgBurn may ask you.

This should result in a CD-R containing the LNNFU091.E46 file and nothing else.

It’s probably not an ISO file at all, but just a binary file containing the firmware for the recorder.

Hehe didn’t mean to poke my nose in, but I thought it’d help if it was made clear :slight_smile:

Most probably the LVC-9016G. :wink:

Filename indicates Little Endian.

[I]Edit.[/I] BTW, came to my mind that ilo hacker tool might be usefull if firmware is assembled. But this is ofcourse all off topic.

Thanks, DrageMeister, your instructions did the trick just fine. :clap: I haven’t performed the firmware upgrade yet, so send good vibes.
By the way, pinto2 , you were right; the LiteOn unit is, indeed, an LVC-9016G.

…Sending good vibes… :flower: