Making bit perfect 1:1 DVD with DVD Shrink and AnyDVD?

Back then it used to be a easy way for me to make a 1:1 DVD backup with DVD Decrpyter. Now that the program is dead, I have moved on to AnyDVD and DVD Shrink. I’m just wondering if what I did earlier is a exact 1:1 DVD?

I install AnyDVD and leave all settings at default except under the Drive Tab, where I adjusted Video DVD to fast and noisy.

After that I installed DVD Shrink 3.2 and then click on open disk and select the disk in the drive. After that, a preview pops up and it analyses the DVD. I let it analyse the DVD because I don’t think there is a way out of it, but after that is done, I select No Compression under Video. On the DVD Structure Window, I left it on default where it just highlight the Main Movie folder instead of the DVD logo above, is that okay or I should just leave it the way it is?

Then I click on Backup and select output as an ISO Image file and then left everything else on default. Next, I click on Edit and select Preferences and selected DVD-9 for output sizes, selected Enable overlapped I/O because ripping was so slow and that increased my speed, and I left everything else on default. Then I just let it rip and out comes the DVD image file.

What I have done, is that the correct way to get a 1:1 bit perfect DVD? Any of my steps redundant? Am I missing anything? If someone here can answer all of my questions, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Sounds like 1:1 to me as long as no compression is on.

For “the most 1:1 ish copy” you should disable all AnyDVD options (do you really want that?) and use a 1:1 copier like CloneCD (not Shrink or CloneDVD).

I don’t think anything will make a bit-perfect copy.

Personally I’d let AnyDVD remove the ARccOS/CSS/Macrovision/RCE protection, then just use DVD Decrypter to rip to ISO (without decrypting or removing subtitles etc.)

That would be 1:1 (not bit-perfect, but not missing anything, and same quality) without protection.

You’ve never made a 1:1 copy of a DVD. Ever. Not a single one. Sorry.

Now that we’ve gotten THAT out of the way…

Right. That’s why I said “he most 1:1 ish copy”… :slight_smile:

Is that suppose to be a joke? If I disable all options, then I can’t decrpyt the disk?

Why not? I don’t understand how it’s not bit perfect before with DVD Decrypter? I remember asking this in the DVD Decrypter forums before it was brought down and IIRC, Lightning UK said it was bit perfect.

Please define a bitperfekt 1:1 copy and think about it, just if one bit is different you don´t have one.
Decrypting data means changing content of data, means changing Bits of original data.
As already said: You can´t copy a DVD without changing bits

No joke. If you disable all goodies in DVD settings, AnyDVD still decrypts CSS.

Can you even make a bit-perfect copy of anything from optical media - i mean you’ve got disparities in lens and media quality for a start.

i guess if the original contained an md5/sha1sum then you could keep retrying until you got it bit-perfect, but then i doubt you could write it back bit-perfectly, especially when it’s spent time on your hard disk getting fragmented…

Aren’t we being a BIT picky? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, perfect 1:1 copies are not possible. But, I think for the average person 1:1 means no compression, and all the menus and features.

i might be wrong, but it sounds like your trying to put a dvd9 on a dvd5. thats never going to work. Unless you have the the new dvd9 disks and drive. it’s like trying to put 9gigs into a 4 gig disk. I have however found that DVD clone will make a very good copy if the movie is small enough, meaning it’s already a 4 gig movie.

No, I am not trying to put a DVD on a DVD-5. I’m ripping this for a media server or backup to DVD+R9

This definition is feature orientated and makes more sense here.

But if you want to make clearer why a 1:1 bitperfect copy is not possible, you should get more information about Video-DVD standard, CSS-area and DVD+ and - standard.

AFAIK is on “general use” blank media the CSS-area already written by factory, so you cannot write in this area. (The CSS area of the original contains matching keys to decrypt the video data.)

Therefore are authoring media and special burners needed.

This is the reason why you have to decrypt your video data before.The original CSS-data is lost. (and is not needed anymore).

It also makes a difference to write on DVD+ media instead of DVD- media regarding bitperfekt 1:1 copy.

I have backed up a dvd 9 to a 8.5 DL disc, I could see no quailty loss, while it may not be “bitperfect” is there any measurable QUALITY LOSS because its a copy? I didnt think there was, or are my eyes not that good? I never need a “bit perfect” backup, but sometimes I want one that audio and video wise, the same as the orig, thats possible right? I though it was…

Hey , what’s best then , as I have to order some + or - soon ?
And is it the same difference on DUAL-/DL-discs ? :eek:

Alright I guess I will become more specific now. Basically I just want to rip like what I was ripping with DVD Decrpyter now. What are the settings in AnyDVD that I should leave enable or disable so that the rips will be the same as the rips done by DVD Decrypter before it was forced to shut-down?

This only makes a difference when you have a pedantic look on “bit-level” and don´t make a sense regarding quality of burned move or something else you can notice by watching the movie.
Hope this gets not confused.

You should buy the media which is best for your burner and player. You are the one who decides about that.( no compression / transcoding means original quality)

@ Sgt_Strider: As Olli suggested: dissable all options just to decrypt your data

Why are some of us forced to get a “perfect copy” or even a “bitperfect copy”?
And why should be every bit as same as original?? Do you know how many bits are on one DVD?
A copy is still a copy and never the original.
A copy is perfect, when your sensory organs cannot notice any difference.

Why doing complicate quality measurements? The quality is measured by watching the movie.

…just my opinion