Making backups of SAN8... help

I have ACER 12/8/32 EIDE and trying to make

a backup of my SAN8 korean version…

I ran ClonyXL and it says it is protected with SD2 V2

and it takes forever to make an image of it…

ClonyXL suggested settings are:

Read speed max: 4x
Read retries: 3
Error Corrections: none

and it doesnt work… I ran it for 40 min and

didnt get 1% done… If any ACER 12/8/32 users, or whoever,

had success with SD2 v2, plz help me with the CCD settings.


In some cases it may take a very long time…
Sometimes after a certain point it races up to the 100%…

I hope that someone has an answer out of experience for you, perhaps in the meantime you can search for solutions applied to similar problems with other gems (upper right corner, click search)

Try to use these settings:

Fast Error Skip enabled (all others off)
Read Retries: 0
Error Correction: hardware