Making backups of my home movie DVDs

Hi. I want to copy some home movie DVDs I have made. I have 2 DVD burners (one is an external) so does this make the process quicker or easier? Do I need to copy the files from the source DVD to my hardrive before making another copy? The software I usually use to burn the DVDs is Nero 6…

Any help appreciated…

It is always BEST to copy to the hard drive and THEN burn. You can easily use any program, but I prefer DVD Decrypter for this task. Just do MODE->ISO READ, copy to an image file on your hard drive, and then MODE->ISO WRITE to put it back to disc. :slight_smile:

You CAN do an “on the fly” copy, which is a copy made directly from one drive to the other, but doing so is often problematic and results in glitches unless your system is “just right”.

yep I agree with Gurm first copy to HD then burn because when
copying you can have read errors and a waisted disc

Thanks for the help. Will give it a go. Much appreciated…

What format does the resultant ISO end up as while using decypter…IOW;

If the HomeMovies are AVI, or DivX - will using your method and DVDDecrypter result in VOB files (DVD Mpeg2 standard)?

– or perhaps they end up just exactly the same as was started ? (avi or divx encoded)

any easy way to convert to standard DVD format along the way ?