Making backups of DVD movies?

I have been sitting on the fence with regards DVD and ripping.

Can anyone tell me if there is a DVD recorder out there that will copy the vast majority of DVD films and games. if so make and model please :O)

Also whats the best software, simple click and copy.

P.S. is dvdsqueeze ( any good does it really work!!


It could depend on what you mean by copying DVD films and games. The majority of commercial DVD-Video titles use dual-layer DVD discs with more than 4.7GB pre-recorded data on one side. Since there is no dual-layer DVD-R or DVD+R media available, they cannot be copied the way almost any CD-ROM disc can be copied to blank CD-R media.

Here are two well-known knowledge sources to absorb regarding DVD.

For DVD copying and ripping, Doom9 and VCDHelp could be of great assistance.

I want to buy a new DVD burner and be able to backup large files and copy DVD movies. What is the best drive at this point in time to do this?

I have heard Sony DRU500 is good. But have not read anywhere if this is a good drive to copy DVD movies with.

Please let me know some info.


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Absolutely! I have the drive and have already made backup copies of some movies using DVD Decrypter. Backups are fun as well. I use Ghost 2003, since Drive Image 2002 doesn’t work with DVDs…Symantec was smart enough to get with the program and include DVD as a writable format in the new version. I can back up 10 GB of data on 2 discs with room to spare. With the new firmware 1.0f I noticed that the drive is compatible with more media than originally stated. I use Phillips and Sony DVD+RW for the backups and either Verbatim, Sony, Fujifilm and some others for DVD-R and DVD+R. I love this drive…I don’t see why you wouldn’t, too! Sony did a good one here!!!

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Ok where can I find some good guides for backing up my DVD movies I have tried dvd Wizard not much luck .Where I run into problems is when i look into the folder the Audio and the avi and there are vob files so how can I put them all togther thanks.I have a Sony DRU-500a and Nero burning software.

Rather than moving this thread to DVD Software forum, I suggest you first read some threads there. DVDxCopy and other programs can do it.

Try this link for copying DVDs.

There is a step by step walk through at this link.

This is what I use and have not had a problem. Good luck.

Thanks alot Happy Hoildays!