Making backup of Macrovision Protected CD




I have an educational CD which includes audio and images. It is protected by Macrovision. I have tried about eight different programs to make a copy of the CD and all have failed. It is not a DVD and it is not a movie. It is a computer program that has to be run with the CD in the drive. It can’t be viewed on a DVD player.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




Firstly try scanning the disk with ProtectionID to see exactly what is protecting it.

From there probably Alcohol, BlindWrite or CloneCD will be your best bets.



If I used the ID Protection program properly, the protection program is “Armadillo”. Does that ring a bell with anyone? Like I said before, when I viewed the CD, I found a Macrovision Security Driver on the CD.

Anyway, I have already tried both CloneCD and Blindwrite and neither of them worked. I will try alcohol now.




i am having the same problem with the same disk type