Making back-up playstation cd's

Hello everyone, I 'm new here, so be nice, I have some dumb questions. Is it possible to make back-up playstation cd’s? I have an Adaptec cdr program. What else do I need. Also, I have been burning audio cd’s like a man with his hair on fire, and I have gotten everything my friends own. Is there some way I can trade audio files with people? One I am looking for in particular is KISS Asylum.

I’m sure that all of your questions can be solved using the search, but here are some answeres anyways. First off, you cannot make a perfect copy of a playstation CD. You will need a modchip or bootdisc to play copies. After you have that, I’m not sure if Adaptec will copy the games so they will play so I would say just buy CloneCD or Blindwrite as those will do a good job copying them. As for sharing your songs, you will need to encode them to mp3 first. LAME is probably the best program for this. I don’t know the website so try doing a search for it. Then you can use WinMX, Kazaa, Limewire, or any other P2P network for sharing them. Hope that answered your questions.

P.S. It isn’t right or legal to be burning all those CD’s like that, so if you enjoy them I would encourage you to buy them.