Making Archival Copy of TV Series DVD

Can anyone give me a little guidance here, please! How do I make an archival copy of a “Purchased” copy of a TV Series DVD that has 5 or 6 26 minute episodes on it. When I try to copy it, all it records is the first 26 minute episode. I am using 1Click and I have tried recording after answering both Yes and No to the question that 1Click asks after I click the START button, “Are you copying an Episode DVD?” If I click “YES”, it won’t record anything but two file names; Audio TS and Video TS, but doesn’t record any audio or video. :disagree: :disagree: If I click “NO”, it will only record the first 26 minute episode. Has anyone in this forum been confronted with this problem, and if so, how did you solve it (if you did). If it cannot be done with 1Click, is there a program that WILL copy the ENTIRE DVD? :confused: :confused:

Wrong section as this is an anydvd thread.

WE Get it “Purchased” wink wink

clonecd will make a copy for you, but you may have to use a DL disc

I don’t think this guy needs any help.