Making an mpg

Can someone recommend software that would allow me to create an .mpg from scratch. I want to make small video clips with text and music.

i use two programs adobe premier and adobe after affects (old versions but they do the job) i create files in after effects and render them as uncompressed avis and then load into premier and mpeg 2 them.

hope this helps


yes, thank you very much.

Is there any other software that will do this?

Nero Ultra Edition 6.6 and i guess their new 7 version (not out yet) will also let you master DVD mpg (VOB) files. It will also allow you to make SVCD’s and encode into mp4 or MPEG-4 part 10 avc h.264 or what ever they call it.

It’s a fairly easy program to use and quite less expensive than the Adobe line of products.

And of course the ever free Microsoft Movie Maker, but it’s functions are fairly limited.