Making an Internal CD-Writer External?

I’m trying to set up an internal IDE CD-Writer as an external one using an 5.25" external USB 2.0 enclosure. The drive will read fine, but won’t write (either with Nero or CloneCD) - it complains about Media Errors (though I know the media is fine).

Has anyone elase attempted this? Are there any special tricks to getting it to work?

(Configuration: Ricoh MP7080A, Windows XP SP1, Nero 5.5.x, CloneCD)

Are the jumpers on your drive and/or enclosure set correctly?

Do these discs work right on this particular drive if the drive is used as an internal drive?

Thanks for your reply “LiteOnGuy”. Since my initial post, I actually resolved the issue, and you were right-on-the-money - it ended up being jumpers. :slight_smile:

The drive was configured to work as a master in an IDE chain, but removing the Jumper all together (making it a master with no slave present - as with some hard-drives) made it work. To make matters more ambiguous, it seems that this can be entirely enclosure dependent?!:confused:

Thanks again.

You’re welcome. I’m glad your drive is now working as it should! :slight_smile: