Making an installation Data DVD with a menu

Ummm … this could a dumb question, but being in the “Newbie” section I should be safe! … hehe …

I would like to create an “Installation DVD” … so I have all my main programs that I install after I do a format (which I do often - once a year) … so, I thought, sweet, I’ll just do a Data DVD

BUT … I want to make it a bit better than that. I’d like to have a menu, then when you click an item it will go to the installation file of that particular program!

Toshiba has one with the latest laptop I got. I have Nero 6 … can I do it with this? Or do I need some other software?


there are a few programs that can do this for u, but i can’t for the life of me remember the names of any of them. i’ll get back to u if any of them pop into my head, but in the meantime u can try searching for such programs at

you would need some scripting knowledge of either something like visual basic or c++ enough to make a menu if you want to do it manually

It involves basically using the autorun.ini file thats located on the cd to run a program which gives you choices on what you want to do next.

note it is POSSIBLE to have the autorun open up an html page which shows you the choices (given that html is alot easier) but then it will give you the option to either open or save every link you click on (when you obviously wnat to open) and doing it via that method might not work on all computers depending on security settings

Hi Guys, thank you both for your replies. I did quite a bit of research into the possibility and I’ve come up with this solution:

I’m a webdesigner … and I know Flash MX can call exe files … SO, I plan on making an exe swf file, that will automatically start when the DVD is inserted into the drive.

The installation files of my programs are on the DVD as well … and make the flash exe have links to each setup file on each program I have on the DVD.

Can ya understand that? Well, anyway … that’s my theory, I have yet to put it into practice … but am working on it. I’m sure it’s easy to find out how to make autorun.ini files for DVD’s, I’ll just do a search.

Thanks again!!! :smiley:

Sounds good. Post again with your results as I am sure a few others would be intrested in doing something like this as well.